Mr Syed M Saqib, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication, particpated as a panelist in a panel discussion on Media and Climate Change, held at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), Oslo, Norway. The other panelists include Dr Andreas Ytterstad and Karoline Ihlebaek, Associate Professors at OsloMet. The main theme of the discussion was to discuss about the role of media and journalists in promoting climate change mitigation.

Mr Saqib is currently attending an International Semester Exchange Program at OsloMet and enrolled in a special course on Global Warming and Journalism. Mr Saqib talked about his experiences of interviewing various climate journalists and climate researchers in Europe and Pakistan, as part of his course, and highlighted the challenges faced by climate journalists. He also discussed the best practices of climate journalism from the view of science journalists.

Mr Saqib, while quoting a recent survey, conducted by Gallup and Gillani Foundation Pakistan, on public awareness of climate change, explained the lack of awareness among public. He further explained the role of Pakistani media in particular and emphasized the need of having a climate journalism course in Pakistan to train the future journalist.

Three international students from various countries also participated in the discussion and presented the climate change situation of their respective countries. The panel discussion was attended by the students from Oslo metropolitan University, University of Oslo and representatives of Embassy of Pakistan, Oslo, Norway.

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