Add/Drop dates: 5 to 7 June 2017

Students can only register for 02 courses or up to 08 credits online 

Each credit in summer is charged at Rs 5,900 per credit. Student Teaching Practice and Internship Rs 10,000 which needs to be paid before Friday 07 April 2017 or you shall be deregistered. Research will be charged as per credit. 

New Registration Restrictions

  • Online Registration is accessible from anywhere in the world during the given time period. Register while the Online Empower Web Module is open.
  • It is your responsibility to get account holds cleared before Add/Drop.
  • Registration time frame should be strictly followed.
  • No exceptions will be accepted after the deadline.
  • Arrange payments as necessary for upcoming semesters that you plan to study.
  • Spread the word

Summer 2017 Registration Dates

Class DivisionDateStart time
Seniors- 90 credits or above14 March, 20179:00 am
Juniors-60 credits or above15 March, 20179:00 am
Sophomores-30 credits or above16 March, 20179:00 am
Freshmen-under 30 credits17 March, 20179:00 am
Closes for all on 21 March at 9:00 am

Overloading Courses in a Semester

  • 3rd Course up to 08 credits

In a normal course of study, students register for 2 courses, or up to a maximum of 08 credits online. They can however take a third course with permission from the respective Dean of Faculty if their CGPA is 3.00 or above or if they require the course to graduate (seniors). This approval does not alter the credit hour rate which is consistent up to 09 credits.

  • 3rd Course over 08 credits

A student desiring a third course-(09 credit hours or more) must obtain the approval of their Advisor as well as the respective Dean of Faculty. Such approval is based on a current CGPA of 3.00 or better. Fill out the first box in the Course Overload Form

Seat Exceptions

Sometimes, because of popular demand, seats become full in courses desired by a student. However, there is a process to enter such a class if it is absolutely necessary for the student to do so in the current term. This decision is at the discretion of the Instructor and department Chair in whose course the seat is sought.

When seeking a seat in a course that is already full:

  1. Print the Seat Exception Form from the website. Seat Exception Form
  2. Obtain written permission on the form from the Instructor whose course is required.
  3. The Instructor will determine if the student is a suitable candidate for increasing the seat and grant approval accordingly.
  4. If a seat is approved, the student must ensure that this course does not conflict in time with other courses registered online.
  5. The approved form must be ratified by the department Chair.
  6. Once endorsed by the Chair, the form must be presented to the Academic Office for processing.

It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that the form was processed by checking his/her schedule online. No form with time conflicts will be processed by the Academic Office.

Pre-requisite Waivers

Prior to registration in a course with pre-requisite requirements, the student should have completed the pre-requisite successfully. In the rare event that this has not happened, a student may petition the Instructor for waiver of a required pre-req. Approvals endorsed by the Chair in writing can be submitted to the Academic Office for processing within the registration timeframe.

Unofficial Presence in Class

Students are allowed in class when they are officially registered for it. An instructor confirms official registration by checking the class roster. Students must attend all courses registered for in a particular semester. A student must study in the correct section to earn a grade. Switching sections unofficially is not allowed. An NS will be given to students who have officially registered for one section and then switched to another.

Student Email Accounts

All students must activate their email accounts immediately. You can do this by seeing Mr Ghaus Mohammad in Room 205, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building. This will be required for forgotten password an issue related to your Student Web Account and is your authentic email to contact administration or faculty at Forman. When faculty/administration send an email at your address you are supposed to be able to access it. Therefore activate now. This will serve as an alternative to SMS.

Do keep in mind:

Drop only if you really have to.

Dropping a course could result in your not being able to register for it again. The course could get blocked even within a few seconds.

Add Courses carefully.

Register carefully so that you don’t have to change unnecessarily.

Registration Help Desk

For any other assistance:

Call us during office hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on the following numbers

  1. 0323-8089917
  2. 0323-8089918
  3. 0323-4446688

These numbers will only be available during registration time and during add/drop.

Registration Alternate Venue

If registration does not work at home for you, you have the option of going to General Lab S-320 3rd floor (Block B) as available during registration times.

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