Welcome to the Forman Journal for Social Sciences. This journal was birthed out of the deep commitment of Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) to the liberal arts conversation between disciplines. While disciplinary journals have their important place in the academy, an interdisciplinary journal contributes to the grand conversation about truth. Truth, of course, is not restricted to socially constructed discipline silos that are cognitively convenient. This journal is designed to facilitate the promotion of knowledge across boundaries and so is poised to move an expansive dialog about the human condition forward in important ways.

As a social science journal, FJSS finds itself as part of the global community committed to probing the human condition along a spectrum of perspectives from individualistic to communal. The social sciences share a set of common commitments that are explored in these pages: truth, ethical integrity, empiricism, and compassion. I welcome you to participate in this conversation through your readership and through contributing to the high-quality scholarship of this publication.

Douglas E. Trimble, PhD (Social Psychology from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA)