Please click here for the Revised Seating Plan for 27 and 28 October Competency Exam 

According to the revised policy regarding Competency Exams Attempts, there is no limit to the number of times the student can take competency examinations. However, starting from the third attempt on wards, an examination fees of Rs 1,000 (one thousand only) for each subsequent competency will be charged.

Preference is given to senior students (90 or above credit hours) in the Competency Exams Seating Plan, while the remaining seats are allotted on a first-come-first-registration basis. You may find your details according to the Roll Number sequence.

Only one registration is counted for each student. The latest registration is counted for students who have registered more than once for the competency exams.

Registration for competency exams is cancelled if:

  • A registered student in the previous competency exam has NOT appeared in
    ​ ​that competency exam and has already been fined for this.
  • Checked, “No, I do not agree to these conditions and wish to cancel my exam registration.” under Students must be on time for the exam. Students coming late and without college ID Cards will not be allowed to appear in the exam. Temporary college student ID will not be accepted without original CNIC. Students are also NOT permitted to take calculators, mobiles, papers, pencils and eatable items in the examination hall. Registered students not appearing for the exam(s) will be fined Rs 500 for each Missing/Skipping/Absent exam(s) and will not be permitted to sit for the 09 and 10 February 2018 Competency Exams.
  • Checked, “No, I do NOT wish to electronically sign this registration form and understand that my exam registration will be cancelled.” under Electronic Signature while completing the Competency Exam Registration Form.
  • Already Passed/Exempted the Competency Exam(s) on the basis of Placement Test, Math-100 Post test, LANG Final Exam or Forman Entrance Admission Test through ACCUPLACER. To check this, please click here​. (Make sure this reflects from your academic transcript.)
  • A registered student has entered wrong Roll Number against his/her name.​

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