Registrar’s office organized the Annual Staff Club Dinner on 15 March 2019.

A farewell tribute was paid to Prof Joseph Sun for his contributions as Vice Rector.

A tribute was also given to the following retiring faculty members for their dedicated services to the institution:

  • Mr. Manzoor Masih
    Associate Professor
    Department: Physics (Intermediate)
    Date of joining: 15/08/2009
  • Mr. Tariq Mehmood Bhatti
    Associate Professor
    Department: Chemistry
    Date of joining: 18/10/2010

Faculty and staff members who improved their qualifications and credentials were appreciated by the University administration and a token of appreciation was presented to them acknowledging their professional growth. They were:

  • Dr. Khadija Shakrullah
  • Dr. Fariha Yasmin
  • Mr. Muhammad Saeed
  • Mr. Moqueet Afzaal
  • Ms. Naila Noreen
  • Mr. Shoukat Masih
  • Mr. Rashid Emmanuel
  • Ms. Nayab Sarah David
  • Mr. Alfred Yaqub
  • Dr. Abid Naeem
  • Mr. Bilal Ahmed
  • Mr. Johnson Rehmat
  • Mr. Makhdoom Sarfraz
  • Mrs. Rana Rubab Durrani
  • Dr. Saima Majeed
  • Ms. Pooja Pervaiz
  • Mr. Simon Sabir
  • Mr. Najam-Ul-Saher
  • Ms. Sameen Sarah McAuley
  • Mr. Nauman Ahmad
  • Ms. Sehar Imdad
  • Mr. Phool Shahzad
  • Ms. Maryam Kabir
  • Mr. Anil Yousaf
  • Dr. Muhammad Salahuddin Ayyubi
  • Dr. Sidra Minhas
  • Ms. Eram George
  • Mr. Muhammad Asif Shami
  • Mr. Shahzad Ansar

The faculty registered and highly appreciated the contributions of the following expatriate staff who left their families and country to serve FCCU regardless of the serious laws and circumstances in the past.

  • Dr. James A. Tebbe
  • Mr. Joseph Sun
  • Dr. Ryan Brasher
  • Dr. Elizabeth M. Schwaigger
  • Dr. Julie Flowerday
  • Dr. Herbert Oswald Brasher
  • Mr. Jeremy Hawbaker
  • Ms. Jung OK Park
  • Dr. Daniel Lanz
  • Dr. Wesley Thomas Davey
  • Dr. Robert Kingston Wetmore
  • Mr. Keung Chul Jeong
  • Ms. Cheryl Burke
  • Dr. Shin Ho Chung
  • Dr.& Mrs Bakker
  • Ms. Shawna Person
  • Mr. & Mrs Murphy

Dr. James A. Tebbe, FCCU Rector expressed his sincere gratitude to the staff and faculty for the get-together and a family like environment exhibiting the brotherhood between Muslim and Christian community which is the core mission of the Annual Staff Club gathering.

Faculty and staff members won exciting prizes in the lucky draw conducted by the Staff Club.
Dr. Herbert, Muhammad Iqbal and Shahid Mehmood won the lucky draw.

Mr. Rohail Roy and Harris-ul-Haq presented mesmerizing musical performances.

The club members also decided to organize a farewell dinner for the respected Rector, Dr. James A. Tebbe in the month of November 2019.  The Upcoming activities of the Staff Club announced were:

  • Trip to the walled city
  • Movie for the Families of the Staff Club members

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