Radio Awaz and Buzz FM, one of the largest private sector FM radio networks in Pakistan, organized a one-day seminar, “Empowering Radio in Pakistan” in Lahore, on 12th March 2020. Chairperson Department of Mass Communication, Ms Rachel Hasan was invited as one of the speakers to speak on “The Role of Radio in the Current/ Changing Social Media Environment”. She discussed how radio as a technology has evolved over the years and how it benefitted the masses in the past with its content. She also talked about society development by way of listening to the radio, which helped in inclusivity of social groups. Ms Hasan further talked about the positive as well as negative aspects of social media and how it has taken over our lives. She opined that radio can still be a powerful medium as it has the benefit of reaching out to the public on a large scale in general, and to individuals in particular as it has the influential power to connect with them. The event was attended by Mr Faisal Javed, Member of the Senate; Mr Saleem Baig, PEMRA Chairman; various government officials, experts from the radio industry, and members of the academic as well as financial world.

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