MPhil Biblical Studies

The MPhil Biblical Studies is a two-year degree (one year classwork and one year thesis) designed to prepare teachers of Biblical Studies for positions in universities, seminaries and educational institutions teaching biblical Hebrew or New Testament Greek, Old or New Testament courses or to enter into PhD programs in Biblical Studies. Students will specialize in one of two tracks, Old Testament Theology or New Testament Theology. Students will enter the program already proficient in either New Testament Greek or Old Testament Hebrew, enabling them to study the Bible in its original languages. In addition, through an emphasis on critical thinking skills and the principles of sound biblical exegesis, students will gain skills in applying the biblical theological themes within the Bible to the present day needs of the Christian community within Pakistan.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate proficiency in translating Biblical texts, which enables students to interpret these texts with sensitivity to semantics, syntax, context, genre and manuscript evidence.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills by the application of principles of good biblical exegesis with special attention to genre and context; priority of the original languages, clear passages governing unclear passages, etc.
  • Using biblical theological principles: 
  • Trace the progressive revelation of major themes of the Old and New Testaments, including gaining skills in finding such themes for themselves.
  • Analyze the distinctive and emphases by the authors in specific books of the Old and New Testament.
  • Demonstrate skill in researching and formulating appropriate principles and their application to relevant issues in the student’s context within the Christian community and the larger community of Pakistan.
  • In accordance with FCCU’s core values, demonstrate spiritual maturity by:
  • Evidencing maturity and holistic growth in Christian character and Christian disciplines. 
  • Exemplifying maturing faith in relationship with God and in commitment to reconciled relationships and restored communities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform research in biblical theology and write research projects using clear writing and giving attention to the relevant primary and secondary sources.
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