Did you ever want to showcase your thoughts?

Did you ever want to take part in a contest that pays you for your creativity?

Presenting! – The Campus Diaries Writing Contest (CDWC)!

What is CDWC?

In order to further help talented students of Universities and Colleges all over Pakistan, Consuldents aim to let students from all over Pakistan submit their articles and the best one out of then gets to win 10,000 Rupees!

How to Participate!

To Take Part in CDWC one must have an account on, as submissions will not be entertained without one (the Sign-Up is Free!).

After you’ve done this step, add the URL of your Consuldents Account in the email which you’ll send your Article in!

Mention CDWC and your Name in the Subject of the Email (e.g Jaffar-CDWC)

Submit your Article alongside 3-5 Relevant Photos to

And that’s it! You’re in!

Topic for Writing: University Life

One can write about anything related to their University Life, be it their experiences, any events that have happened in the past or any positives/negatives they’d wish to Highlight. Basically anything about their University and their Experiences.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participating is absolutely free!
  2. Only the winning article that takes part in the contest shall get paid.
  3. All participants have to make accounts on
  4. A participant is required to only submit one article at a time.
  5. If plagiarism is detected than participant shall be disqualified
  6. All submissions will be posted on the Campus Diaries blog as part of the contest.
  7. The decision of the winner shall be taken on the following Basis:
    – 20% Social Media Votes (Likes, Shares, Comments)
    – 80% Judges Views
  8. Maximum Word Count: 1000 Words
    Minimum Word Count: 350

The Winner of the Contest shall receive 10,000 Rupees!

Important Dates:

Submissions Deadline: 27th April 2019
Winner announcement: 4th May 2019

For further details contact:

For more details, please visit:

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