Poverty Action Lab (PAL), at Forman Christian College (FCC) is a research and action center for alleviating poverty through equality and whole-person education. PAL promotes research and dialogue on poverty and inequality in Pakistan, South Asia and the Global South emphasizing its connections with the social, cultural, political, and economic inequalities.

The Lab has an action-oriented and solution-driven approach towards research, teaching, and service-learning to counter generational poverty. We are engaged in research focused on finding sustainable solutions for poverty alleviation through grassroots development and launching an awareness campaign to highlight the relationship between marginalization and generational poverty in Pakistan.


To establish a research and action center that will work with marginalized communities to generate solutions for alleviating poverty through equality and whole-person education.


Our mission is to produce solution-oriented research and innovative intervention programs to empower marginalized individuals, groups and communities to escape poverty through capacity building and grassroots development. The lab also aims at raising awareness on the nexus of poverty and inequality and to imbue a culture of service and civic engagement.

Joseph Sun

Director PAL

M Vaqas Ali

Program Manager PAL
Arooj Khalid

Arooj Khalid

Program Lead Communications
Saqib Ali

Saqib Ali

Program Lead Research
Shalra Mirza

Shalra Mirza

Program Lead Public Relations and Repository
Ayesha Shigruf

Ayesha Shingruf

Program Lead Training and Course Development