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The last day for submission of entry to KE 7/11+ Innovation Challenge is midnight March 31, 2022 (Extended Deadline). There will be no further extensions.
Kindly submit your entries on KE Innovation Portal at
On behalf of K-Electric (KE) and INNOVentures Global (Pvt) Ltd, we would like to inform you of the commencement of KE 7/11+ Innovation Challenge. The KE 7/11+ Innovation Challenge is a first of its kind event in Pakistan’s utility market designed for entrepreneurs, startups, researchers, and university students from all across the country (and the world) to accelerate innovation in the energy / power sector and other allied businesses that are of intersectional interest to KE.
The KE 7/11+ Innovation Challenge seeks to invite ideas, products, and solutions that focus on key themes of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


  • SDG 7: Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable, & Modern Energy for All
  • SDG 11: Sustainable, Inclusive, Safe, & Resilient Cities and Communities, and
  • Plus: Innovate using Technology to bring Enterprise Agility in Utility Functions, such as customer service, supply chain & logistics, and smart infrastructure & digitization

In addition, the participants may also address specific Challenge Statements identified by KE in the areas of Customer Experience and Operational Excellence. The identified challenge statements are listed below (further details available on website):

Customer Experience
  • Challenge Statement 1: Efficient Fault Detection
  • Challenge Statement 2: Swift Fleet Mobilization
  • Challenge Statement 3: Agile Customer Communication
  • Challenge Statement 4: Pre-emptive Fault Prevention
  • Challenge Statement 5: Dynamic Use of KE’s Infrastructure

Operational Excellence

  • Challenge Statement 6: Predictive Demand Planning
  • Challenge Statement 7: Compact Vehicle Design
  • Challenge Statement 8: Realtime Information Management
  • Challenge Statement 9: Meter Reading Automation
  • Challenge Statement 10: Sustainable Land Utilization

KE has powered Karachi – Pakistan’s business and commercial hub – for over one hundred years. Through a network spanning across 6,500 square kilometers, KE supplies power to all residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural areas that fall under the city’s ambit and beyond. KE is the only vertically-integrated power utility in Pakistan managing all three key areas – Generation, Transmission and Distribution – of producing and delivering energy to customers.

As Pakistan’s leading and only privately run utility, it is imperative that KE continues to bring about innovation in its operations. Moreover, in line with global technology and market changes, KE looks to embrace the oncoming advancement in utility operations.
As a forward-looking utility, KE embraces innovation and looks to embed it in its organizational functions by providing a platform for problem solving. KE seeks to engage with entrepreneurs, startups, researchers, and university students to identify talent and ideas that could address the challenges faced by Pakistan’s energy market, while also recognizing opportunities for innovation in this sector.
The top 3 participants of the KE 7/11+ Innovation Challenge will receive a collective sum of PKR 3 Million (PKR 1.5 Million, PKR 750,000, and PKR 750,000 respectively) as prize money. Participants may also be provided with potential product development funding, potential B2B contracts & investment, mentoring and onboarding support and more.
We believe that our vision of an energy-secure Pakistan can be accelerated and realized through collaboration with problem solvers looking to create a more sustainable world for all.
We invite all faculty members, researchers, and students to participate in the KE 7/11+ Innovation Challenge by applying on our website: before March 26, 2022.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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