The Events Office is responsible for identifying the available venues, maintaining reservations and ensuring that space is allocated according to the University policy. The department is responsible for identifying and participating in decision making strategies and opportunities regarding events and to develop strategies and plans to identify potential conflicts and issues related to successful production of events. The department coordinates every detail of events with different relative departments from beginning to end to ensure the successful implementation and execution of all activities and events at FCCU.

Core Functions: 

  • Venue Management
    • Selection of venue
    • Reservation of venues
    • Delivery of requested facilities
    • Catering supervision
    • Clearing venues after events
  • Coordination of safety and protocols for events
  • Coordination of power supply management for events
  • Coordination of all the events (academic, co-curricular and corporate)
  • Supplies management for events (requested facilities)

Events Marketing Policy
Events Reservation Policy
Facility Usage Policy

Hanook Walter

Senior Manager Events Reservation and Facilities 

Ext: 376

Samuel Bhatti

Coordinator Events Reservation and Facilities

Haris Iqbal

Events Facilitator

Zeeshan Javed

Events Facilitator


Samuel Pervaiz

Events Facilitator