The Communications and Publications Office consults in-house clients on their marketing, publications and communications needs. The office helps to identify audiences, decides on the most effective communications tools to reach these audiences, facilitates collaborations among different academic and administrative departments, and connects departments to the right FCCU-approved vendors to complete projects.

The Communications and Publications Office also handles the vendor selection process for print advertising and specialized print publications.

The Communications and Publications Office has outlined policies for the services it provides. Please ensure that you read the policy document to allow us to better facilitate you. Please click here for the policy document.


Please click here for the Communications Office Standard Operating Procedures.

Functions of Office of Communications and Publications

This Office plans and produces FCCU’s publications including academic catalogs, handbooks, flyers, brochures, calendars and prospectuses for student enrollment and image building. The Office edits and proofreads FCCU’s publications to ensure that they conform to FCCU branding guidelines and liaisons with printing vendors. To request a print publication, click here to download a request form. To request visiting cards, click here to download a request form. For queries related to print publications, email at

The Office selects suitable print, electronic, social and digital media and conducts research on key marketing issues. It assists in organizing recruitment and fundraising events, identifies PR opportunities, prepares marketing collateral for the University’s marketing campaigns and handles media relations with print and electronic media. To request media coverage for on-campus events, click here to download a request form. For queries related to media relations, email at

The Office handles FCCU’s websites and social media, including content creation and management and digital advertising. The Office also develops FCCU’s digital assets and digital marketing campaigns, and tracks their effectiveness. It also manages on-campus digital signage and develops new communication strategies. To upload an announcement or news about on-campus event, email at To discover templates for news reports, click here.

The Office provides photographical coverage for University events and maintains appropriate photographic archives. The Office also does photography for FCCU’s social media and print publications. To book photography services for your event, click here to download a request form. For queries related to on-campus photography, email at

Meet The Team

Michelle Jacob

Head of Communications and Publications Office

Ext: 324
MBA in Marketing & Finance (Lahore School of Economics, Lahore)

Salman Khalid

Publications Manager

Ext: 322
MA Mass Communication (Punjab University, Lahore)

Hannah Paul

Communications Officer

Ext: 322
Bachelors in Business Administration (Gandhara University, Peshawar)

Aneel Ghosh

Marketing Officer

Ext: 322
BBA with specialization in Accounting and Business Communications (Hajvery University, Lahore)

Fraz Buksh

Website & Social Media Officer

Ext: 322
BS (Hons) Computer Sciences (FCCU, Lahore)
MS Business Information Technology  (BNU, Lahore) (In Progress)

Anil Joseph

University Photographer

Ext: 322