Humza Bin Masood, an MPhil student of Environmental Sciences at FC College, presented two papers at the first National Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management, which was arranged by Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro.

The papers focused on the health of sanitary workers of Lahore and the bottled water being sold in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, and were supervised by Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry, Dr Seemal Jelani. The researcher noted that the health of sanitary workers is an indicator of the public health of a particular area, and the health of sanitary workers in question is not good, as they do not use proper personal protection equipment, something which has to be ensured by the waste management organizations.

Separately, he noted that Islamabad uses surface water from Rawal Lake for drinking. The government of Pakistan has installed filtration plants, which use the chlorination process to make water drinkable, but due to poor management and lack of training the amount of chlorine added is more than the prescribed limit, which causes cancer. To protect themselves, people prefer bottled water, but the bottled water companies do not sell what they state on the bottle. Calcium and magnesium are not is the right amount in the bottled water, and some are not even safe for drinking.

Humza stated that “Pakistan is among the well-resourced but poorly managed countries”. Many other researchers from across Pakistan had participated in the conference and presented their papers, which identified many issues and their possible solutions.

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