MPhil Molecular Pathology and Genomics

Molecular pathology is a rapidly expanding discipline that connects pathology and molecular biology.
The future of medicine and clinical diagnostics is molecular based.
MPhil Molecular Pathology and Genomics (MPGN) program provides training in the application and
interpretation of advanced molecular technologies and their use in pathology and clinical diagnostics.
This specialist training enables physicians, scientists and technologists to validate, use and develop
molecular assays for improved management of patients.

Admission Criteria
● A 4-year BS (Hons) degree or equivalent from an HEC recognized university in any of the life sciences including: Biosciences, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Nutrition Sciences and Medical Lab Technology
● MBBS students who have completed six years of medical school and are currently engaged in a pathology residency program may also apply
● Minimum CGPA of 2.50 or a 1st division (60% marks) in the last awarded degree
● In case of the BS (Hons) degree, 130 credit hours should be completed
NOTE: Acceptance is based upon the 1) departmental test, 2) interview and 3) an overall evaluation of the candidate, including: academic achievement, statement of purpose and English language proficiency. Provisional admission can be sought by students awaiting final results. Their admission will only be confirmed once they have submitted their complete official Transcript within the due dates.
Salient Features
● As an evening program, MPhil Molecular Pathology and Genomics allows in-service
professionals to benefit from this degree
● Our partner organization, Chughtai Laboratories Lahore, is one of the largest private clinical
diagnostic laboratories in Pakistan and provides clinical and practical expertise
● Collaboration with national and international institutes
● Research being offered in vast domains of medical field ranging from infectious diseases, oncology, neurological disorder, etc
● State-of-the-art Laboratory facilities
● The Courses offered are in accord with the international curriculum
● All Faculty holding PhD Degrees Research Collaborations
● Chughtai Laboratories
● Fatima Memorial System, Lahore
● Jinnah Hospital, Lahore
● The University of California, Davis, USA
● University of Health Sciences, Lahore
● University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA
● University of the Punjab, Lahore
● Zeenat Laboratories, Lahore

(List of faculty members)

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