Dr Zahid Iqbal

Dr Zahid Iqbal

Associate Professor

PhD (Government College University, Faisalabad)
MPhil (GCU, Lahore)
Ext: 366
Room # 208, Business and Social Sciences Building
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Has 19 years of teaching experience; has published several research papers in well reputed journals; Co-supervised number of graduate students in the areas of microeconomics, trade, behavioral economics and applied economics.

Research interests: Applied microeconomics, Consumer’s Behavioral Analysis, & Monetary Economics.

Research Publications:          

  • Iqbal, Z. Ayyubi, M. Farooq, A. and Lodhi,  S.(2019) .Microeconomic Impact of GST on Household Consumption Patterns in Pakistan Forman Journal of Economic Studies, Vol. 11
  • Aziz, B.; Iqbal, Z. & Butt, Z  (2016):The Extent, Causes and Severity of Household Food Insecurity in Pakistan : Evidence from Micro Data FWU journal of Social Sciences Winter 2016 Vol 10,No .2 Pages 1-17
  • Wasim, S.;Aziz, B.; & Iqbal, Z. (2015): An Intra-Provincial Analysis of Expenditure Elasticities and Household Economies of Scale. Forman Journal of Economic Studies,  11;
  • Iqbal, Z ; Anwar S (2014) Rural-Urban Differences In Consumption Patterns And Application of QUAIDS: A Case Study of Pakistan FormanJournal of Economic Studies,  10;
  • Aziz, B.; Wasim, S.; & Iqbal, Z. (2014): Exploring the Differences in Consumption Patterns: An Analysis of Urban & Rural Regions of Pakistan.Pakistan Journal of Social Science,  32;
  • Wajid, Z.;Aziz, B.; & Iqbal, Z. (2014): Smuggling around the World: An Empirical Investigation of Causes and Indicators. Forman Journal of Economic Studies,  10;
  • Aziz, B.; Khan, K.; & Iqbal, Z. (2013): An Inquiry into the Existence of Vicious Cycle and Tax Driven Underground Economy of Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Social Science,  31;