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Zafar Manzoor


MPhil (Applied Economics) (FCCU)

Zafar Manzoor has been teaching at FCCU since 2018. Prior to this, he has also worked as an adjunct faculty member at NCBA&E. He has also worked as a research assistant on a project for Punjab Economic Research Institute and is currently working as a research associate under the HEC project titled “Effectiveness of the criminal justice system in Pakistan”. He has taught various courses including Microeconomics, Mathematics for Economists, Principles of Economics, and Performance Management.

Research interests: 

Shadow economy, Crime, Sustainable Development, and Terrorism.


  • Manzoor, Z., Shabbir, G., & Syed, S. H. (2018). The Measurement of Pakistan’s Black Economy: A Modified Currency Demand Approach. Pakistan Economic and Social Review, 56(2), 211-229.
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Room | 217, Business and Social Sciences Building
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