Dr Ivan Suneel

Dr Ivan Suneel

Chairperson & Assistant Professor & Campus Counselor

PhD Clinical Psychology (UMT, Lahore)
MS (GC, Lahore)
MSc (PU, Lahore)
ADCP (PU, Lahore)
Room # 338, Business and Social Sciences Building
Ext: 652
Counselor’s Office 3, First Floor, Mercy Health Center
Ext: 782

Has worked at Drug rehabilitation Centers before joining Forman in 2010; has regularly delivered lectures and conducted workshops at Center for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University; Clinical Psychology Unit at GCU; Institute of Psychology at BNU and Institute of Clinical Psychology at UMT; is serving as campus counselor as well.

Research interests: Alcoholism and substance abuse and test construction

Dr Ivan has been working at FCCU since 2010 and is a part time campus counselor. Moreover, he is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and currently Chairperson of the Department as well.

Dr Ivan thoroughly enjoys his work and finds it uplifting and fulfilling when he is able to help those who come to the Counseling Center broken and in pain, where the counselors help them become whole and healed and ready to run the race of live again with full vigor and believability.

He sees himself as a companion and as a guide when he is helping people on their path of healing and wellbeing. Breaking our chains of fear, rejection, trauma, emptiness, judgment, and shame, emancipate and liberate people to be who they were destined to be. Through his clinical practice, Dr Ivan has realized more than ever that we are the authors of our lives; things happens and then we go around and fix it and if we can’t fix it we learn to let it go with grace. The core of all this is just one thing and that is understanding that we have a choice and the choices we make today will impact our tomorrow and the day after. Dr Ivan invites you to make a healthy choice and come to the Counseling Center if you are stuck. The counselors are here to help and will do all that they can to help you take the steps and learn the skills necessary to cross the bridge into a more fulfilled life. It is not an easy process but it certainly is the best and this process starts with you making that choice.