Dr Syed Farhat Ali

Dr Syed Farhat Ali

Assistant Professor

PhD Biological Sciences (University of the Punjab, Lahore)
MSc Biochemistry (University of the Punjab, Lahore)
Ext: 552
Room # 552, Armacost Science Building

Six years post-PhD teaching and research experience in various universities. Joined FCC in 2013. Served as an Assistant Professor at Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, GCU Lahore for one year and as a post-doctoral fellow at Department of Biology, LUMS for a year.

Research interest: Protein Biochemistry, production of industrially important enzymes


  • Ali SF, Rashid N, Imanaka T and Akhtar M (2011) Family B DNA polymerase from a hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrobaculum calidifontis: cloning, characterization and PCR application. J Biosci. Bioeng. 112 (2): 118-123. [IF: 1.793] (1 citation)
  • Ali SF (2012) Structural insights into Salmonella type III secretion injectisome. J Rashid Latif Medical College 1 (2): 14-17.