Dr Saqlain Abbas Shah

Dr Saqlain Abbas Shah

Associate Professor

POSTDOC (University of Washington, USA)
PhD (GC University Lahore)
Ext: 479
Room # 032, Armacost Science Building

Joined FCCU in 2010; went to USA for POSTDOC in 2014; served in Aitchison College as lecturer 2006 – 2010;Member of ‘Materials Research Society’ (MRS), Society of Biomaterials, Society of Magnetic Materials, etc.; Published more than 25 research papers in international reputed journals; a regular peer-reviewer of Elsevier, ACS, RSC and AIP journals. Writes Op-Ed articles for newspapers and blogs on International Politics.

Research interests:  Magnetism & Magnetic Materials, Nanomagnetism, Nanomedicine, Magnetic nanomaterials for cancer diagnostics, therapy, imaging and drug delivery, Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering, Nanomaterials for anti-bacterial effects, Multiferroics, Magnetic Memory Nanosystems and Thin Films, etc.