Dr Muhammad Tariq Qamar

Dr Muhammad Tariq Qamar

Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry

PhD (KAU Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
MPhil (QAU, Islamabad)
MSc (QAU, Islamabad)
BSc (GCU, Lahore)
Room # 141, Armacost Science Building
Ext: 507

Teaching Interests: Physical chemistry, Chemical thermodynamics, Chemical kinetics, Quantum chemistry, Chemistry of nanomaterials, Polymer chemistry, Photochemistry, Physical organic chemistry and Mathematics for chemist.

Research Interests: Nanomaterial synthesis, Photocatalysis, Photodegradation of organic pollutants from contaminated water, Photocatalytic water splitting and CO2 reduction

Research Project: Photocatalytic Efficacy of CeO2 based Materials for the Abatement of Organic Toxins (HEC funded)

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