Dr Derk Machiel Bakker

Dr Derk Machiel Bakker

Chairperson & Associate Professor

PhD Civil Engineering (University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia)
BEng Land and Water Management (College of Land and Water Management, Velp, The Netherlands)
Room # 338, Armacost Science Building
Ext: 550

Dr Derk is working as a faculty member in the Department of Environmental Sciences, FCCU since 2016. Has worked in the Department of Agriculture and Food of Western Australia from 1997 until 2015; Researching irrigation and drainage management, soil management, salinity, precision agriculture, non-wetting soils mainly in a broad-acre (wheat, canola, barley, sugarcane and pastures) context; 1995 until 1997 sugarcane irrigation research with CSR Ltd in North Queensland; 1990 until 1995 soil research in cotton growing and teaching soil science at the University of South Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia; 1987 – 1990 soil research in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Research interests: Soil management, salinity, drainage, soil pollution and crop interaction, gaseous movement in soils, water and soil quality, impact of soil management on greenhouse gases.


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