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Dr. Aisha Saleem Khan


Post-Doctoral Research (Miami University, Ohio) <br>
Ph.D. (University of Punjab, Lahore)

Over 15 years of teaching experience (since 2003) and 18 years of research experience including Ph.D. (since 2000).

Research interests: Phytoremediation, Electron Microscopy, Plant Anatomy and Heavy Metals Toxicity


Book Publication:

Author of Book: Medicinally Important Trees' published by Springer U.S in 2017

Author of book: Flowering Plants: Structure and Industrial Products

International publications:

Research Papers Publications

  • Khan A.S., Hussain M.W. and Malik K.A. 2016. A possibility of using waterlily (Nymphaea alba L.) for reducing the toxic effects of chromium (Cr) in industrial wastewater. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 48(4): 1447-1452 (impact factor 0.658)
  • Khan A.S. and Rehan S. 2014. Environmental factors affect calcium oxalate crystals formation in Tradescantia pallida (Commelinaceae). Pakistan Journal of Botany, 46 (2): 477-482 (citation 5, impact factor 0.658)
  • Khan, A.S. and Chaudhry, N.Y. 2010. Florigenic effects of IAA for improving pistillate and staminate flowering in cucurbits under Pb stress. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 42(3): 1835-1840 (citation 2, impact factor 0.658)
  • Khan, A.S. 2008. IAA improves floral and fruit development in cucurbits under mercury stress. Plant Stress, 2 (1): 75-77.
  • Chaudhry, N.Y. and Khan, A.S. 2007. Role of mercury and exogenous IAA on xylem elements and sieve cells in Cucumis sativus L. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 39(1): 135-140 (citation 9, impact factor 0.658)
  • Chaudhry, N.Y. and Khan, A.S. 2006. Improvement of pistillate flowers yields with GA3 in heavy metals treated plants. Plant Growth Regulation, 50: 211–217. (citation 9, impact factor 2.333)
  • Khan, A.S. and Chaudhry, N.Y. 2006. Peroxidase activity (POX) in some cucurbits under the stress of mercury and lead. Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment, 4 (2): 274-276 (citation 3)
  • Khan, A.S. and Chaudhry, N.Y. 2006. GA3 improves flower yield in some cucurbits treated with lead and mercury. African Journal of Biotechnology, 5(2): 149-153 (citation 29, impact factor 0.657)
  • Khan, A.S. and Chaudhry, N.Y. 2006. Auxins partially restore the cambial activity in Luffa cylindrica L. (Cucurbitaceae) under mercury stress. Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment, 4(1): 276-281.
  • Khan, A.S. and Chaudhry, N.Y. 2005. Morphogenetic effects of mercury in Lagenaria siceraria (Mol) Stand1 and their partial reversal by exogenous auxin. Journal of General and Applied Plant Physiology, 31 (3-4): 225-234.
  • Razi, A. Samina M and Khan, A.S. 2018. Evaluation of potential of money plant (Epipremnum aureum Engl). in removing pollutants. Pakistan Journal of Botany (In press)
  • Wafee, C., Khan, A.S and Rehan S. 2018. Phytoremediation potential of Catharanthus roseus L. and effects of lead (Pb) toxicity on its morpho-anatomical features. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 50(4): 1323-1326.

National publication

  • Chaudhry, N.Y. and Khan, A.S. 2000. Effects of growth hormones i.e., GA3, IAA and kinetin on 1. Length and Diameter of Shoot, 2. Early Initiation of cambium and maturation of metaxylem elements in Cicer arietinum Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 3 (8): 1263-1266.


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