Counselor’s Office 1, First Floor, Mercy Health Center
Ext: 780
Arman Ahmed

MS Clinical Psychology (GCU, Lahore)
BS (Hons) Psychology (FCCU, Lahore)

Research Interests: Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Drug Addiction Treatment and Emotional Regulation.

Arman has experience of working as a clinical psychologist in a drug rehabilitation and psychiatric treatment facility, prior to joining FCCU and has served as a visiting faculty member at the Clinical Psychology Unit at GCU, Lahore. He has also worked in a training capacity at the adult psychiatry ward of Mayo Hospital Lahore, during which time he conducted detailed assessment and management sessions with clients afflicted with a range of psychological issues. Arman employs an eclectic approach towards therapy and believe in empowering clients to achieve their true potential.

He is an avid fan of literature, a passionate cinephile and an occasional dabbler in fine arts. These interests he feels can be very helpful resources when it comes to understanding the intricate nature of human psychology. Arman is a strong proponent of the idea that therapy can help people get in touch with the best part of themselves by uncovering latent abilities and qualities, which they are yet to discover. He believes in valuing individuality and welcomes everyone to benefit from the transformative journey of counseling.

Research Area
Counselor’s Office 1, First Floor, Mercy Health Center
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