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Aisha Ateeq


MSc (Middlesex University, UK) 
MSc (PU, Lahore)

Mme Aisha was the first Counselor at FCCU and the department of Psychology and helped established a proper University Counseling Center for students, staff and faculty. Currently, she is serving as a part-time Campus Counselor and part-time teacher in the Department of Psychology.

Mme Aisha’s genuine interest in Psychology developed during her undergraduate years which led her to do her MSc in Psychology. Her quest for learning did not stop here. After attaining her master’s degree in the 1990s, she did MSc in Applied Psychology with Counseling and Health as her major areas from Middlesex University London in 2006. Her learning experience at Middlesex University was highly rewarding as it not only updated her theoretical knowledge but also helped in strengthening her practical skills to apply what she had learned in the field of psychology. She has a strong interest in positive and Counseling Psychology and looks forward to learning more about these two areas.

Mme Aisha has diverse experience of over 25 years in counseling, teaching, research, and administration. She has had the opportunity to learn and work in different settings, with her work primarily revolving around people having mild to moderate psychological problems. She also worked for a short while in London, counseling high school students and their parents for problems like relationship issues, problems in concentrating, and abuse. This hands-on experience while interacting, knowing, and helping people belonging to different cultural backgrounds, was really fulfilling and enlightening. We all know that problems are a normal part of our lives. She strongly believes that if there is a problem, surely it has a solution, provided we adopt an appropriate and realistic approach to deal with the problem. She believes it is always good to share your problem especially when you see no light rather than passively waiting for something to happen.

Although helping others through counseling is a highly gratifying experience for Mme Aisha, it is extremely challenging at the same time. Dealing with people with vulnerable souls and with diverse backgrounds is a demanding task and requires a lot of responsibility and accountability. Since she feels comfortable with people; passionate about her work, empathetic, and a good listener; always willing to go an extra mile in helping others, she is able to help students as well as faculty/staff members to resolve their problems whenever they are stuck.

She is open-minded and an easy-going person. Whenever she faces creatively demanding tasks, she tries to use convergent and divergent thinking in reaching a solution. As a counselor and instructor, most of her time is spent related to her work. However, she tries to spare some time for activities like watching movies, listening to music, gardening, wildlife, and sports, mainly cricket and tennis.

Conducted several workshops from time to time on coping with stress, conflict resolution, Coping with grief, Procrastination, quantitative research, Presentation skills, Academic writing style, APA style of writing, helping skills, listening skills, and on various topics related to positive psychology, etc.
Research interests: 
Counseling psychology, positive psychology, and social psychology
Research Area
ROOM | 348, Cabin 1, Business and Social Sciences Building
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