• All Sophomores who have not yet declared their major must fill in the major declaration form until Friday 23 February 2018
  • Business Majors must also declare their respective track/specialization
  • The form must be submitted to your advisor by the end of the day on Friday 23 February 2018
  • This will give your advisor time to submit your record and forms to the Head of Academic Advising (Room # 208, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building)
  • Before declaring your major, you are required to contact your advisor to discuss your academic plans and to update your records.
  • You can then fill out the Major Declaration Form available at the bottom of the page

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Once you have submitted the advisor evaluation, you will find the link to Major Declaration Form on the submission page
  • Print a copy of your completed form and get two copies of it (one for Advisor and the other for your record)
  • Sign and submit the copy of your form to your advisor
  • Your advisor will then turn in the form and your records (shared commitment, general education plan, copy of transcript and 4-year academic plan etc) to the Head of Academic Advising until the closing of business hours on Friday 23 February 2018
  • The files, including major declaration forms, will be sorted by the Academic Advising Office and will be handed to the respective Heads of Department who will assign new Advisors accordingly.
  • Then, Heads of Department will send lists of Advisors and Advisees to the Academic Advising Office not later than Monday 12 March 2018.  Meanwhile, Departments can arrange the Orientations for their students accordingly.
  • The list of students with their new advisors will be updated by the Advising office.

Link of Advisor Evaluation Form and Major Declaration Form:


Biotechnology, Computer Science and Pharmacy students are already in their respective major/program and they will be assigned Major Advisors in March 2018.

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