Major Declaration procedures for 2018 are as under:

  • (20 series) Biotechnology and Computer Science students will declare their major and those with business will declare their major and specialization as well.

Rest of the 20 series students will declare their respective Majors in Feb 2018.

  • (19 series) All 19 series Students, who are Sophomores including Biotechnology and Computer Science program will declare their respective major and those who are in business will declare their specialization as well.
  • All Sophomores who have not yet declared their major must fill in the major declaration form until 23¬†February 2018.
  • Students will be submitting their forms to their respective Advisor by the end of the day on 23 February 2018.
  • Advisors will submit the record and forms to the Academic Advising Office (N-208)
  • Before declaring their major, students will be required to contact their Advisor to discuss their academic plans and to update their records. It is advised to also see the catalog to know about the requirements of declaring any Major like in ECON one must have 2.3 CGPA to declare his/her Major.
  • Students will evaluate their Advisors and fill out the Major Declaration Form in the given timeframe.

Some instructions for the Advisors/Advisees are given below:

  • On opening the online link, you will be able to see a link to an Adviser evaluation form.
  • Once you have submitted the adviser evaluation, click on the major declaration form link given on that page
  • Complete the major declaration form and get the print. (one for Adviser and the other for record)
  • Sign and submit the copy of the form to your Adviser along with the required documents mentioned below.
  • Adviser will then turn in the form(s) and student records (shared commitment, general education plan, copy of transcript and tentative 4-year academic plan etc) to Head of Academic Advising until the close of business hours, 24 Feb 2018.
  • The files, including major declaration forms, will be sorted by Head of Academic Advising Office according to Departments and will be handed over to the respective Head of Departments who will assign new Advisers accordingly.
  • Then, Heads of Department will send lists of Advisers and Advisees to the Student Affairs Office and copying it to the Head of Academic Advising Office, not later than 13 March, 2018. Meanwhile, Departments can arrange the Orientations for the students majoring in their respective Department as it is mentioned in the Events and Timelines for Effective Advising.
  • The list of students with their new Advisers will be updated by the Chief Student Affairs Officer on Empower.

Link of Advisor Evaluation and Major Declaration Form:

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