Dear Undergraduate students:

Final exams are almost over, so the end of Fall 2020 is in sight. Congratulations for making it to this stage. Spring 2021 is right around the corner. I have two announcements:


    1. We will still operate with the blended calendar for the foreseeable future. The government has indicated that higher education institutions need to operate at reduced capacity, so we will start the semester with Even ID’s on campus starting March 8. (Students needing to study fully online due to health concerns need to reapply to Dr. Gloria Calib, the Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs)


    1. PSL cricket matches are coming up and the University will remain open; however, all classes will be fully online any day that there is a match in Lahore. Please follow the official schedule to know when your classes will be online for all students and faculty.


Take care and may your Spring 2021 semester be a successful one for you.


Douglas E. Trimble, Ph.D.
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

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