Important Notice for Students for Fall 2021

Dear University Students,

I hope you all are doing well and getting ready to start the Fall semester on 1st November.

Fall 2021 Fully in Person:

Recently we have received a notification from NCOC, so I am writing to let you know that we will be launching the Fall 2021 semester fully in person. We will not have online classes or blended classes. If you cannot attend classes in person you are encouraged to apply for Semester withdrawal through the Academic Services Office. In that case, drop all your Fall courses and plan to join the university in Spring 2022.

Add & Drop:

Remember that there is no add and drop week once classes start on Nov. 1. Currently add & drop is open from 11th Oct to 29th Oct. The classes will be starting from the first day of semester. The faculty will start marking your attendance from day 1. Oct. 29th is the LAST day to register for courses. You cannot add or drop courses during the first week of classes. To help you make informed decisions about your courses, faculty have created course trailers and are making their course outlines/syllabi avialble during Add/Drop.

Course Trailers:

 You can have course orientation through course trailers. To access the course trailers, you have 2 options.

  1. The course trailers can be accessed through this link: (
  2. Through the Course Catalog on your Empower account


Please make sure that you get vaccinated for access to campus. You need at least one dose before 1st November. In the first week of November, we will be communicating regarding collecting your vaccination certificates. By the end of November, you need to have received the second dose. Once back on campus, remember to follow the COVID SOPs, wear a mask on campus. Keep social distance and wash your hands regularly.

Hostel Residence:

Hostel students can come back to the hostel on 31st Oct. If you need hostel space, please contact FCC Hostels <>. We have limited space available, and space is allocated ‘on a first come, first serve basis’.

Student Academic Services:

All student academic services will be provided through the student windows or you can contact the concerned office through email. Zoom meetings can also be requested.

We are eager to welcome you back on campus and wish you all the best for Fall semester.

With best wishes,

Dr Gloria Calib

Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs 

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