As per the direction of the NCOC and Government of Pakistan, all citizens of Pakistan ages 18 years and above to take Covid -19 vaccination. Therefore, all Forman Christian College and University students above 18 years of age are directed to ensure 100% vaccination (at least first dose) by July 25, 2021.  Students shall render a “Covid -19 Vaccine Declaration Certificate” (at least one dose) with effect from July 26, 2021, at the university main gate to the security staff as per the following specimen. 



I ________________s/o or d/o__________________, Student Roll No ____________________ hereby declare that I have been fully/partially vaccinated as per the following details;

Student IDName of the StudentCNIC NoDate of 1st Vaccine DoseDate of 2nd Vaccine Dose

Signed: __________________________

Name:  ______________________

Department /Study Program: _____________________________


Chief Security Officer shall ensure that students should enter the university/college with effect from July 26, 2021, after submitting the required declaration certificate.  Security staff shall hand over these certificates to the Registrar’s Office which shall maintain the record for further necessary action. Academic Office and College Coordinator will provide the list of all students above 18 years to the Registrar Office by July 19, 2021.

Registrar’s Office