Dear University Students,

We hope that you all are safe. Today is the last day of Spring 2021 classes. This is amazing that together, we have overcome the odds and made it through this historic semester. I want to congratulate you all for successfully wrapping up the classes.

As you prepare for your exams next week and we transition to the summer semester, please read this message carefully. This message includes some important information.

  •  – All Spring 2021 exams are scheduled online from July 5-13.
  •  – All student biometric cards will be blocked from Monday July 5 except those who have prior permission from the Vice Rector Office to access the campus. This includes hostel residents, PG & UG research students only.
  • – Summer semester will begin on July 26. We will follow the following blended calendar for the summer semester.
  • – During the summer semester, only summer-hostel residents, PG & UG research students and students registered for summer will be allowed on the campus
  • – All registered students will be expected to be in-person during weeks of on campus instruction and for final exams (unless notified otherwise by the VRO).
  •  – If you cannot follow the blended calendar, please drop your courses for summer semester.
  •  – If there are compelling circumstances and you need to be online for summer semester to graduate. Please send your request with specific evidence (for example medical, academic) to the FCCU Associate Vice Rector <>

 Summer 2021 Blended Calendar


(1, 3, 5, 7, 9)


(0, 2, 4, 6, 8)

Hostel ResidentsPostgrad
Jul 26-Jul 30On campusRemoteOn campusOn campus
Aug 2-Aug 6RemoteOn campusOn campusOn campus
Aug 9-Aug 13On campusRemoteOn campusOn campus
Aug 16, 17RemoteOn campusOn campusOn campus
Aug 18, 19Ashura (holiday, subject to moon sighting)
Aug 20RemoteOn campusOn campusOn campus
Aug 23-27On campusRemoteOn campusOn campus
Aug 30-Sep 3RemoteOn campusOn campusOn campus
Sep 6, 7

Final Exams

On campusOn campusOn campus

On campus

With increased access to vaccines, we encourage all students to get vaccinated as soon as possible. With this we are hopeful that the next academic year will bring in in-person instruction.

I wish you all the best for your Spring 21 exams and a peaceful and restful break!

Gloria Calib, PhD

Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs