Dear Graduate,

Virtual Commencement is finally here! Even in unexpected circumstances, we’re so excited to have this opportunity to celebrate our 2020 graduates with the FCCU community.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to balance celebrating this important milestone with the unfortunate realities of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The completion of your degree and this journey came with challenges none of us would have expected. However, you persevered, and you overcame. You did not give up! People will look back on the class of 2020 as among the strongest and most resilient ever. We are all so proud of you.

We hope that your experience at FCCU, both in and out of the classroom, will continue to support you as you transition into the next chapter of your life.

 At 11:00 am on Saturday, February 27, 2021 FCCU will host a special Livestream of the virtual Commencement ceremony, as an opportunity for our community to celebrate together from our socially distant remote locations.

There are three ways to watch our virtual Commencement 2020 ceremony when it goes live:

Click here to join our Facebook Live Watch Party.

Click here to join us on YouTube.

Click here to join us on Instagram.

Click here to join Livestream

After the conclusion of the Livestream, the Commencement video will be uploaded to FCCU’s YouTube channel.

Note: If you have any questions about how to watch the virtual Commencement, email and let us know how we can help.


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