Human Resources Office

Human resource is the heart and soul of any organization, and at FCCU we take pride in our excellence-driven and community service-centered human capital. The Human Resources Office’s mission is to build a vibrant and diverse work community that is prepared to lead the University to excellence in higher education. We offer a good balance between work and personal life to ensure our employees’ wellbeing and enable a productive and thriving work environment.


The HR Office scouts for and recruits talented individuals for various academic and non-academic positions. It ensures an unbiased and rigorous recruitment process that conforms to the highest HR standards. Candidates are solely selected on the basis of their experience, skill, and relevance to the position they apply for. All new employees go through orientation sessions to make them aware of the University’s mission, objectives, policies, and procedures.


The HR Office is responsible for the compensation management system that ensures a fair and attractive pay and benefits package for employees. It annually conducts performance appraisals of all employees for merit compensation. The Office keeps all employees’ records including that of leaves. It is also responsible for salary disbursements, loans, and advances against salary.

FCCU offers an enriching and progressive work environment, where we give our employees the tools to grow professionally while contributing to the development of an educated and informed society. We are an equal opportunity employer. 

Core Functions:

  • Recruitment and retention of faculty and staff.
  • Compensation and benefits administration.
  • Performance management, training, and career development.
  • Organizational development.
  • HR basics and personnel records.
  • Ensuring compliance with personnel conduct policies. 

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