We would like to share extremely fun and amazing experience of Korean class culture lesson with you all. Here are some lively reviews from the students who experienced it. We hope you can feel that learning Korean language and culture is fun as you see their bright happy faces shown in these photos.

“Our Korean teacher Jung Ok Park brought Hanji Paper which is a very unique sort of Korean paper. It is a traditional Korean paper which has very peculiar attributes…..The best part of the whole Hanji craft activity was that she brought some native Korean students in class. The way they communicated and talked have us an insight of how the Korean Culture is and how their behavior differs from us.” Ahmer Khan

“Hanji is great to be used for crafting. In the crafting class each of us decorated our own beautiful flower plates with colorful hanji. The lesson was really relaxing and enjoyable. I am thankful to Miss Ruth for arranging this lesson for us and also the Korean culture foundation for providing the materials used during the crafting lesson. I had a great time.”  Syeda Saman Shah

“Learning about different cultures had always been fascinating for me but when it comes to Korean culture; it is one exceptional, enchanting culture. Hanji paper is wondrous and I hope I can get it anywhere in my city.”  Laiba Asghar


I was very fascinated by this type of paper; I didn’t know this kind of paper could exist. If it weren’t for this Korean class I wouldn’t have ever known that a paper can be used to heal, preserve and even defend. It was quite amazing that Hanji was used in Korea armor and that it’s such a strong paper that it can withstand an arrow. My experience with working with Hanji and getting used to it was utterly delightful. I had so much fun. I can say that I have a Korean culture inspired decorative piece for myself.” Fatima Batool


“To experience a foreign culture is an exciting experience and that’s exactly how I felt while working with Hanji, excited to learn something new. I thoroughly enjoyed the arts and crafts lesson and excited to learn something new about a foreign culture. This class has already introduced us to a lot of new things and I’m looking forward to the things that we are going to learn in this class about the Korean culture.” Momina Islam


“When our teacher told us about the Hanji paper, I became really curious because prior to this I knew about origami paper so naturally I thought it would be something similar to that but Hanji is quite different. We also had three Korean students come over to our class and it was great interacting with them. They helped us with the activity and were very polite. It was actually a good learning experience because we got more interaction of the people who speak Korean as their first language.” Hafza Ahmed Khan


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