The provincial government is working on improving education, Balochistan Governor Muhammad Khan Achakzai said on Monday while addressing the commissioning ceremony of Griswold Hall, a boy’s hostel at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University).

 Also present on the occasion were FCCU Rector Dr James A Tebbe, Associate vice Rector Joseph Sun, President Alumni Relations Ch. Ahmed Saeed and FCCU Registrar Dr Hamid Saeed.

 The Governor, who himself was a resident of Griswold Hall while he was a student at FCCU, reminisced about his stay at the college and shared fond memories. The Governor said it was a matter of pride for him to visit his alma mater and thanked the University for providing him this opportunity.

 In his address, FCCU Rector Dr Tebbe thanked the Governor Balochistan for providing scholarships for supporting the education of students from Balochistan.

 Two students from Balochistan also spoke at the event and shared their experiences of living so far away from their homes and of getting higher education at FCCU.

 In his address, Dr Tebbe spoke about the infrastructural and academic progress FCCU has made.

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