On October 29, 2018, 39 students from Geography Department and different Geography courses embarked on an exciting 4-day retail study tour to Azad Jammu Kashmir under the supervision of faculty members of Geography department. The group ventured out of Lahore to learn beyond the walls of classrooms and take in an all-encompassing area perspective.

The students were provided with a brilliant opportunity to broaden their horizons while being exposed to cross-cultural differences in a city now known for its breath-taking nature views and hospitality. Visiting a place like AJK which is said to be heaven on earth itself gave the students an opportunity for an ideal exposure to the fertile green lands, mountainous valleys, dazzling rivers, blooming meadows and the picturesque spots. We must say here that these study tours enhance our understanding of different things and offer an opportunity to compare what we study in class with reality. Especially in terms of determining cross cultural differences and an area’s geographic information.

Day 01 started with an interactive and highly engaging session with the tourists at Pir Chinaasi, which was also a field survey by students on tourism in Pakistan for their final year research. Furthermore, were also informed about the landforms and seismic study of that area.

Day 02 commenced with a visit to Banjoosa Lake, where the research students also got a chance to interact with the tourists there. After the informative session the students were briefed about the trends of tourism in that area.

Day 03 was an insightful visit to GARL (Geoscience advance research laboratory, Islamabad) where students visited the Geospatial lab and got the idea about the mineral deposits and exploration in Pakistan. The students were also informed about the spatial distribution of minerals in Pakistan and active seismic zones of the country.

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