The Government of Punjab has declared Forman Christian College ( A Chartered University) closed for September 12, 13, 15. They have done this because they are using our parking lots and they have expropriated the central main ground of our campus to be used for parking for the international cricket match in Gaddafi Stadium. Because this is the first week of classes for the new semester, the FCCU administration has taken the decision for all academic departments in the University and Intermediate sections to remain closed for the September 11-15 teaching week. Classes for all University and Intermediate sections will begin on 18 Sept. The administration will be open on Monday, Sept 11 and on Thursday, Sept 14 and administrative staff should come to work on those days. But on the days of the cricket match, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Faculty and Staff are kindly requested not to drive to campus or use on-campus parking. There will be significant traffic disruption in the roads surrounding the campus on those days due to security.

It is important for our students and community to know that we used all means available to us to oppose this. But now that this decision has been made we are fully cooperating with the authorities as we too want a successful outcome for international cricket in Pakistan. Despite our unhappiness with this decision, any disruptive actions taken against this Government take-over from members of our community will be firmly disciplined by the FCCU Administration.

Once the matches are over, we will be vigorously pursuing this matter with the Government to ensure that this does not happen again.

Thank you for cooperating with us in this rather unhappy turn of affairs.

Dr James A Tebbe

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  • What about add and drop week?

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