The major event of the FLC (Forman Language Center) in this semester was the Korean Night, held on Friday December 13, 2019. FC Korean Night 2019 was a cultural event that allowed the students and staff of FC university to not only experience the wonderful aspects of Korea while being in Pakistan, it also gave the students an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents while expressing their passion for Korea and its culture.

Students of KORN 101 made different posters for this event in order to attract people’s attention from all over the university.

For FCCU Korean Night 2019, it was a great honour to have our chief guests, His excellency Ambassador Mr. and Mrs Sung Gyu Kwak along with other 11 members of the Korean Embassy and 6 Korean guests from Korean Society.

Starting with the soul soothing performance of Arirang by Mr Jaesung Kim who was then joined by the Korean Class 101 students who gave a passionate performance and helped to engage the whole audience to clap along and even sing parts of Arirang.

This heartwarming performance was followed by speeches of two wonderful FCCU students Ahmad Faisal and Waziha Ahmad who had been to Korea and shared their experience all in Korean. Fortunately for those of us who didn’t speak Korean the English translations were projected on the stage so everyone could comprehend exactly how fruitful learning about and exploring other cultures is.

It would not have been a Korean night without theKPOP contest, the performances ranged from heartwarming ballets to stunningdance performances. There were even multiple requests for encores. The crowdwas absolutely ecstatic watching such beautifully curated performances.

Before the results of the contest were announced there was a Quiz on Korea time for the audience who could win amazing prizes, it was wonderfully handled by the host Eunjun Park, a Korean FCCU student.

The finale has been released by awarding the prizes and certificates to the participants. The purpose of this event has been fulfilled as we have an immense amount of appreciation that poured in by students and faculty members of FCCU after the event.

It was a real pleasure for us to see how students are showing interest in Korea and Korean culture. This event increases the motivation of students to continue learning that language and for others to start learning Korean. This event proved to be a success.

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