Dr Wali Aslam's FC visit

Forman Christian College University’s Political Science Department is proud to announce to be part of DisTerrMem (disputed territories & memories) project, funded by European Union and spear-headed by University of Bath, UK. Under this project, the team members, including faculty members from Political Science and History departments, will represent Pakistan in the UK, Poland, and Armenia, who are also part of this project. Moreover, FCCU will also host a number of guests visiting from the countries which are part of this project.

Currently, one member of the project is representing Pakistan and the university in the UK and in coming weeks more faculty members will go to the UK and Poland. FCCU’s faculty members are interested in memories and role of civil society and cultural practitioners among others in disputed territories.

Under this project, the researchers will be provided with training and mobility opportunities so as to enable them to co-create an innovative transnational, interdisciplinary and multi-level approach to the problem of managing competing memories of disputed territories across borders.

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