Syed Kazim Ali, who is currently serving as the Chairman for Human Rights Committee in the Lahore High Court Bar Association, was invited as a speaker for a Human Rights Summit, in United Nations Head Quarter USA from 26-29 June 2019. A lawyer by profession, he is a Formanite and was an ambitious student who also retained the position of President Lucas Economics Society (2006-2007), during his academic years.

He represented Pakistan at the summit while expressing his patriotic and personal commitments to the Human Rights Movement. Also in attendance were 47 Diplomats, Ambassadors of 42 countries and 51 youth delegates from 40 countries who represented their respective states.  The Summit was attended by a vast international audience consisting of almost 500 people.

The purpose of this Human Rights Summit was to garner knowledge of the stance of various countries on Human Rights. Pakistan’s commitments to Human Rights with respect to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 were also put forward.

Syed Kazim is gratefull to FCCU for inculcating in him the respect for humanity with the practice of Core Values of FCCU which have aided him on this path to serving others.

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