Please join us in congratulating a formanite from the class of 2012, Hassan Mujtaba Zaidi, Founder and Director of Discovering New Artists (DNA), for being one of the recipients of the 2018 Queen’s Young Leaders Award. Your Alma Mater is proud of you, Hassan.

Hassan uses art to help educate marginalised young people in Pakistan. He is the founder of Discovering New Artists (DNA), which provides free art education, and primary and secondary education, to students unable to afford school fees.

DNA raises money to fund school projects through its initiative, Art for Change, a national child art competition which aims to forge links between young people in privileged and underprivileged communities. Students who can afford to, pay a registration fee to participate in the competition. Their fees are then used to enable a child from a marginalized background to enter for free. Further proceeds from the competition are used to fund other educational projects run by DNA. To date, 11,500 students have participated in the competition and over 5,000 students have benefited from donations of art materials. Through DNA, Hassan also supports the construction of libraries in under-resourced schools, and funds various college and university student internship and volunteer programs.

“I am very excited to meet and connect with all the amazing young individuals who are doing great work in their communities, and collaborating with them to make a lasting change through collective action.” ~ Hassan

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