Three students from Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) have graduated from Rookie Game Jam and M-Labs Summer Fellowship Program 2020.

Approximately 700 students from across Pakistan applied for this highly competitive eight-week learning experience offered by Mindstorm Studios. Only 40 students were accepted — including Ans Naveed, Amna Sheikh, and Muhammad Ali from FCCU.

This demanding program — conducted from September to October 2020 and offering one million rupees in prize money — saw participating students grapple with Covid-19 and uncertain academic schedules. The rigorous Mindstorm Studios curriculum focused on game art, programming, and data-driven design. Professionals from more than 12 companies mentored participants, helping them to develop a variety of mobile games.

Mindstorm Studios will continue its university partnerships in 2021, working with students to promote critical thinking skills. For example, Mindstorm is now organizing its Winter Game Jam, offering two million rupees in prize money and other giveaways.

FCCU is proud of the success of Forman students in an area involving creativity and highly developed IT skills. Game development is an emerging $150 billion global industry, offering career opportunities unheard of a generation ago.

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