On Saturday February 29, 2020, 177 Postgraduate students graduated in various disciplines from Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) during a ceremony attended by dignitaries, FCCU faculty, staff, and graduates’ parents.

The Postgraduate valedictory speech was given by Mr. Ammad Malik, who graduated with a CGPA of 4.00. 17 medals were awarded to students for achievements in their respective disciplines in Postgraduate programs. 38 Certificates of Distinction were awarded to students scoring high CGPAs. 31 students were awarded Core Values and Community Service Awards.

In his commencement address, FCCU Rector Dr. James A Tebbe (SI) said that, FCCU is on its way to setting new pedagogical standards. In the past 6 years or so, the University has grown considerably in its Postgraduate programs to 19 MPhils or Masters programs and 4 PhDs from just 3 in 2012. He said that the Postgraduate programs are a critical part of what FCCU does, that the University continues to improve the courses and their administration. He made a special mention of Dr. Kauser Abdullah Malik, Dr. Rehan Siddiqui and Dr. Hamid Saeed’s continuous efforts in service of FCCU. He mentioned that each year not only have the University’s numbers grown, but the merit standards have climbed as well. Even as FCCU grows, faculty and students continue to grow standards of education. Dr. Tebbe stated that 57% of University faculty members hold terminal degrees in their fields. The total enrollment for University now stands at 5,028 students. He mentioned that the one hallmark of FCCU is its emphasis on women’s education; the number of female students has almost doubled in the last 8 years and now stands at 42% of the total student body; with 66% of the Postgraduate students being female. In the end, he congratulated the Postgraduate class of 2019 and told them that their time at FCCU is the beginning of education not the end of it and that they have been taught to think critically and to ask why things cannot be different so they may use the skills they have learned to change the world.

The degrees and medals were presented to students by Rector Dr. James Tebbe (SI), Dean of Postgraduate Studies Dr. Kauser Abdulla Malik (SI,TI, HI), Dean of Natural Sciences Dr. Dildar Ahmed, Dean of Social Sciences Dr. Sikandar Hayat Khan, Dean of IT and Mathematics Dr. Ahmad Mahmood Qureshi, Dean of Management, Business & Commerce Dr. Rao Raza Hashim and Dean of Humanities, Dr. Nukhbah Langah. Also present at the occasion were Registrar Brig (R) Dr. Nayyer Fardows, Additional Registrar Dr Sufian Aslam and Vice Rector Intermediate Dr Ivan Suneel.

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