Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) arranged a panel discussion in connection with the upcoming Independence Day. The topic of discussion was Pakistan at 70 and the chief guest was FCCU Rector, Dr James Tebbe while PROFESSOR EMERITUS AND REGISTRAR MERITORIOUS,Dr Hamid Saeed was the guest of honor. The program started with recitation from the Holy Quran and Holy Bible, and was followed by the National Anthem. Panelist Professor of History, Dr Farzand Masih,  shed light on the Indus Valley Civilization and Pakistan, whereas Assistant Professor of History, Dr Umber bin Ibad talked about the “legacies of colonialism”. Assistant Professor of Political Science, Dr Muhammad Younis highlighted the political development of Pakistan since 1947 and Prof Qurratul Aen Liaqat spoke on “media and politics in Pakistan today”. At the end of the discussion students asked questions to the panelists. This was followed by refreshments for the attendees.

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