On Saturday 02 December 2017, 702 students graduated in various disciplines from Forman Christian College (A Chartered University). There were a total of 571 Baccalaureate and 131 masters and MPhil graduates. The graduate valedictory speech was given by Ms Riddha Azhar, who had a CGPA of 3.986. Ms Samia Afzal, gave the postgraduate valedictory address. In addition, 23 medals were awarded to students for achievements in their respective disciplines in the Baccalaureate program and 50 Certificates of Distinction were awarded to top postgraduate students. 8 students were awarded Outstanding Student Awards for performance in co-curricular activities.

The Guest of Honor, Governor Punjab, Mr Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana congratulated the graduating students and their parents. He added that he is a strong believer that the graduating students will give back to the society and the nation. In addition to this he admired the efforts of Dr. James A Tebbe in the development of the University. He also said that female students should serve the society after graduating.

In his commencement address, FCCU Rector Dr James A Tebbe conveyed his thanks to the students and alumni who gathered for the event. He encouraged the graduates never to never give up trying and believing in themselves. He congratulated the graduating class of 2017 and said that they had all worked hard to get to this day. Dr Tebbe mentioned that FCCU has been providing quality education to young men and women and that the students must now give back to the society. The Rector added that FCCU has provided its graduates a wholesome experience to study and work with students from various backgrounds and religions.

Also present at the occasion were Punjab HEC Chairman Prof Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Mr. Joseph Sun, Vice Rector Intermediate Prof C J Dubash, and Registrar and Director Commencement Dr Hamid Saeed.

Other awardees at the convocation were Dr Hafiz Rizwan Ahmed, Assistant Professor for Department of Economics, who was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award; Mr. Muhammad Nawaz, Chief Proctor who was awarded the Outstanding Customer Service Award (Administrative) and Mr Adeel Elahi, from Building and Works Department, who was awarded Outstanding Customer Service Award (Non-administrative).

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