On Saturday 24 November 2018, 895 students graduated in various disciplines from Forman Christian College (A Chartered University). This number included the first PhD candidates to graduate from FCCU. There were a total of 729 Baccalaureate and 162 Masters and MPhil graduates and two PhD candidates.

The Baccalaureate (Hons) valedictory speech was given by Ms Ayesha Siddiqua who had a CGPA of 3.979. The Postgraduate valedictory speech was given by Ms Rhea Aqueel, who graduated with a CGPA of 4.00. In addition, 38 medals were awarded to students for achievements in their respective disciplines in the Baccalaureate and Postgraduate programs,

39 Certificates of Distinction were awarded to top Postgraduate students. 7 students were awarded Roll of Honor Co-curricular for performance in co-curricular activities, and 14 students were presented the Outstanding Student Awards.

In his commencement address, FCCU Rector Dr James A Tebbe expressed his gratitude to the students and members of the FCCU Alumni Board who gathered for the event. Dr Tebbe went on to encourage the graduates never to never give up trying and believing in themselves. He congratulated the graduating class of 2018 and said that they are now are part of great tradition of hundreds of graduates that FCCU has educated since its inception. Dr Tebbe mentioned that FCCU has been providing quality education to young men and women and that the students must now give back to the society. The Rector also added that FCCU has provided its graduates a wholesome experience through its liberal arts education as the graduates received the opportunity to study and work with students from various backgrounds and religions while at FCCU.

The degrees and medals were presented to students by Rector Dr James Tebbe, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof Joseph Sun, Vice Rector Intermediate and Dean of Education Prof C J Dubash, Registrar and Director Commencement Dr Hamid Saeed, Chief Student Services Officer Cheryl Burke, Dean of Postgraduate Studies Dr Kauser Abdulla Malik, Dean of Natural Sciences Dr Dildar Ahmed, Dean of Social Sciences Dr Sikandar Hayat Khan, Dean of IT and Mathematics Dr Ahmad Mahmood Qureshi, Dean of Humanities, Dr Nukhbah Langah, Dean of Humanities, and Dean of Management, Business & Commerce Dr Rao Raza Hashim.

Other awardees at the convocation were Ms Anum Muzamil, Assistant Professor for Department of Mass Communications, who was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award; Mr Karamat Ashiq Biology Lab Attendant who was awarded the Outstanding Customer Service Award (Administrative) and Hon Captain Nasarullah Khan, Security Officer, who was awarded Outstanding Customer Service Award (Non-administrative).

Also present at the occasion were Minister for Youth and Sports Rai Taimoor Hayat, Adviser to Chief Minister for Livestock Faisal Hayat Jabuana, Minister Livestock and Dairy Development Punjab Sardar Husnain Dareshak, Former MPA Nawab Khurram Sial, Journalist Jugnu Mohsin, MPA Qamar Zaman Kaira, and Senator Anwar Baig.

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