In the past month Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) has risen to meet several challenges from arranging online classes on its Moodle platform to making arrangements for staff to work from home efficiently. However, the concern for underprivileged students and their families coping in this difficult situation reigned paramount. On Tuesday, 14 April 2020, FCCU in collaboration with Carrefour Lahore gave food aid to 200 students’ families. The package (worth Rs. 5,000+) included:

  • Ganj Sugar 5kg
  • Mezan Canola Oil Pouch 5L
  • Nutri Daal Masoor Washed 1kg
  • Nutri Daal Chana Bold 1kg
  • Nutri Black Chana 1Kg
  • Yadgar Regular Atta 20Kg
  • Nutri Besan 1Kg
  • Kausar Basmati Rice 10Kg
  • Dettol Soap Original 138g x 4ea

The total weight of each package was around 40kg. The packages were prepared by Carrefour and delivered to FCCU on Tuesday morning. A total of 130 students from Lahore were given the food packages. The distribution was done in intervals of 30 minutes with groups of 20 keeping in mind the precautionary measures in effect due to Coronavirus. The remaining 70 students who were from different cities in Pakistan and unable to receive the packages in-person have been awarded the same amount in cash adding to their current financial aid.

Previously on March 30th, the daily wagers constructing the Student Center on the FCCU campus were also helped by the Buildings & Works Department at FCCU. The daily wagers were required to stop the construction work due to the nationwide lock down. Keeping in mind that they would have no work during this period, the salaried staff from the Buildings and Works Department (including the lowest paid staff) along with the senior administrative staff raised Rs. 300,000+ in cash in just 24 hours to buy rations for a family of six for a month for each daily wager.

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