On Sunday 27 August 2017, Mr Adeel Riaz, the Senior Manager of Advancement Office, visited the great city of Gilgit to initiate the Gilgit-Baltistan Alumni Chapter. The get together was hosted by the Advancement Office in collaboration with a group of very dynamic current students, called the GB Formanites. The get-together included elections for the positions of President and General Secretary of the Alumni Chapter. With a  difference of just one vote, Mr Waleed Munir Khan was chosen as the President of the GB Chapter, while Ms Ghazala Khan was selected as the General Secretary, through an unopposed nomination. Mr Haider Ali, the runner up presidential candidate, was nominated for the Position of Honorary Vice President. The President, Vice President, the General Secretary along with a dedicated Advancement volunteer, Mr Hamid Hussain, will work in close coordination to:
  1. Build a strong alumni connection with FCC
  2. Increasing the number of registered alumni in the region
  3. Increase fundraising support from the region. This includes alumni giving but also corporate and government grants
  4. Help in supporting more students study at FCCU
  5. Supporting placement for young alumni in the region.
  6. Identify and engage more Formanites especially the ones that are well established.
  7. Increase admission awareness in the region. About different programs at FCCU.
Please join us in wishing the new Chapter and its leadership all the very best for their elected term.

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