Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) organized a seminar on 23 March 2016, on The Role of minorities in the Pakistan Movement and in Pakistan. Provincial Minister for Minority Affairs and Human Rights Khalil Tahir Sandhu was the Chief Guest at the event attended by prominent figures from different minority communities in Pakistan.

The event started with recitations from the Holy Quran, Holy Bible, Khordeh Avesta,  Guru Granth Sahib and Gayatri Mantra.

Personal reflections were presented by Assistant Professor of Religion and Public Policy at FCC, Dr Charles Ramsey; President of Hindu Sudhar Sabha, Amarnath Randhawa and Executive Secretary National Council Churches in Pakistan, Mr Victor Azariah. They talked about their personal observation on the role of minorities at the time of partition and the crucial role played by important minority figures in the foundation of Pakistan. They also recognized and appreciated the contribution of minorities in the prosperity of Pakistan.

A panel consisting of Michelle Chaudhry, Peter Jacob, Arun Kumar, Kalyan Singh, Gurpreet Singh and  Victor Azariah was called on stage to discuss why they chose to live in Pakistan when they had the opportunity to settle abroad. Each panelist answered the question with great fervor discussing the contribution of their forefathers in the formation and prosperity of Pakistan. They also commented that Pakistan is the country they belong to, they are the production of this soil and they can never think of leaving their motherland to be settled in a foreign country. They also talked about their personal contributions to their own communities and to Pakistan as a whole.

In the end, Chief Guest, Provincial Minister Khalil Tahir Sandhu addressed the audience and spoke about the role of minorities in the development of Pakistan and encouraged the youth to follow their footsteps and keep making efforts to make Pakistan, a land of peace and prosperity. He also discussed the initiatives he has taken to secure the rights of minorities, one of which is the formation of Minority Advisory Committee.

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