Esteemed independent documentary filmmaker and Director Programming City 42, City 41, City44 and Rohi TV, Mr Ali Khan visited MCOM 410 (Documentary Making) class. Mr Ali Khan has over 15 years of experience in various forms of media and filmmaking. He was invited to deliver a guest lecture on mechanics of documentary production. Mr Khan talked about different modes and conventions in cinematic productions. Answering to student’s question Ali Khan said, “In order to be a successful documentary filmmaker students need to write record and edit their films by themselves”. He talked about the importance of writing a script for a documentary film and he pointed out that a strong script creates a long-lasting impact on audiences. Ali Khan also gave important tips on conducting interviews and identifying case studies for a documentary film. He highlighted the importance of innovative technology that is being used in filmmaking. In the end, he wished all students best of luck for their upcoming documentary projects and offered his technical support and help.  Concluding the guest lecture class instructor Prof. Adeel Ahmad Aamir of Mass Communication department highlighted the importance of academia-Industry linkages and thanked Mr Ali Khan for his visit.

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