The Workshop on Research Fundamentals 2019 was held at FCCU on 06 March 2019, in the Armacost Science Building Auditorium, organized by the Faculty of Natural Sciences in collaboration with Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) and Royal Chemical Society UK (Pakistan Section). The main goal of this workshop was to provide the undergraduate students with the tools for an effective start of their research.

The FCCU Vice Rector, Prof Joseph Sun, was the Chief Guest in the Inaugural Session. In his speech he emphasized the importance of quality research and discussed about the way to go for the undergraduate students of FCCU. Dr Hamid Saeed, Professor Emeritus, talked about Forman Christian College: transformation from teaching to research University.

The workshop started with the presentation of the available resources the students need to start their research, by Mr Farook Shahzad. He explained the participants where to search for literature. Dr Hamid Latif talked about how to write the literature review. After the first presentation, a practical activity was conducted, where the students were provided contacts of relevant faculty to share few paragraphs on any research idea they may have. The relevant faculty member will provide feedback on the research idea.

The workshop continued with Dr Sharoon Hanook explaining how to analyze and present the data. Dr Ishtiaq A Qazi explained provided insights on presentation skills and Dr M Saeed Iqbal talked about how to publish the research. At the end, Dr Kauser A Malik gave some insights on the role of the Institutional Review Board, the Ethical Review Committee and, the role of ORIC in research. The Royal Chemical Society (Pakistan Section) was represented in this event by Dr CM Ashraf.

Students from both undergraduate and postgraduate programs attended the workshop. The numbers of participants were over 100. In the conclusion ceremony, certificates were given to the participants of the workshop and a note of thanks was made by the officials of the University.

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